Expedited Gages
Posted by: gleprecision

Expedited Plug Gages!

We strive to exceed the needs of our customers. To help with long lead times, we have developed expedited plug gage deliveries for standard carbide plug gages. We have unfinished material in stock at various sizes, which allows us to offer as short as 1 week expedited plug gage lead times.

GLE can offer these gages in any tolerance you require, from ZZ to XXX. Our NIST-certified gage room can certify these gages, as well as gages that require recertification. The gage room is temperature-and-humidity-controlled to ensure that any gages we inspect will have consistent measurements in your facility as well.

GLE Gage Maker

More than Expedited Plug Gages

If you need components as soon as possible, we can help. Our gage makers have decades of experience and are able to hold tolerances down to .000003″ (.0762µm). GLE has a commitment to any jobs that our customers need immediately. For example, we track the progress of these jobs every day to ensure we meet the delivery date of expedited plug gages.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why GLE has unmatched quality. In fact, customers often talk about our quality as the main reason they moved work to our facility. 78% of customers rated our quality as “very good” in the most recent survey, and the other 22% rated it as “good”. Even with this commitment, 95% of our customers said that our pricing is competitive.

Carbide Plug Gages

Carbide is more expensive than steel, but it may save money in the long term. When holding tight tolerances, hard materials such as carbide are easier to work with than steel. In addition to ease of manufacturing, tungsten carbide wear products last up to 40 times longer than steel. This is why many manufacturers choose to purchase carbide plug gages over steel versions.

These gages do not have to be standard from our price book. They can have extra length, an air relief hole, a depth notch, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales engineering staff to get a quote for expedited plug gages or any other gaging or tooling needs!