Fiber Optic Coating Dies

Developing Dies for the 5G Network

Fiber Optic Coating Dies
for The 5G Network

The carbide and steel fiber optic coating dies that GLE-Precision manufactures to customer prints were used in the creation of the fiber for the 5G network.  The 5G or fifth-generation mobile network enables a new kind of network that is designed to virtually connect machines, objects, and devices.  Today’s 5G technology is delivering higher data speeds, more reliable network capacity, increased availability and a more uniform user experience.  The 5G network is changing the way the world communicates and connects as it becomes the global wireless standard.  Economically, the 5G network is driving global growth by $13.2 trillion of global economic input, 22.3 million new jobs created and $2.1 trillion in GDP growth.  

Drawing Fiber with Fiber Optic Coating Dies

Optical fibers are made from extremely pure optical glass.  Here’s an example of how pure the optical glass must be: Imagine you are on top of the ocean looking through miles of optical glass.  You would be able to see clearly to the bottom of the ocean.  The optical glass has to be so pure that it can transmit light over dozens of miles without any boosting or encouragement, and without losing any of the information encoded onto the light.  Manufacturers of the optical glass must ensure that every micron is controlled throughout the manufacturing process.  Fiber is created by drawing raw material through steel or carbide dies that size it.   The dies are required to be ultra-precise and have great wear characteristics. Without a high surface finish and tight tolerance, the dies would quickly produce bad material, which no fiber company wants.  The highest quality dies are what GLE-Precision is known for manufacturing, globally.

Fiber Optic Coating Dies

GLE-Precision has worked with numerous global technology companies at the top of the 5G industry to develop dies to draw the new fiber.  Contact GLE-Precision to start a conversation on how we can help bring your design to reality.  The GLE-Precision name has been recognized all over the world in the fiber optic world.  In recent years, we have had fiber optic tower manufacturers recommend GLE-Precision to the company they were contracted to build towers for.  Proving high quality, long lasting parts is what we do.      

GLE-Precision Capabilities with Fiber Optic Coating Dies

Small holes, small parts, tight tolerances, high surface finishes and hard materials allow us to help produce these fiber optic coating dies for our customers so they are capable of pioneering the next big technology.  By using carbides and hardened steels in manufacturing the dies, we are also able to increase wear life in our dies which reduces the annual purchasing volume from our customers.  

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