Waterjet Plungers and Components

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Developing Technologies with Waterjet Plungers

GLE-Precision has developed new technologies and processes in the waterjet segment, specifically when it comes to waterjet plungers.  Developing these new technologies and processes has allowed our products to perform better and last longer than our competitors.  Waterjet plungers, components and accessories are manufactured by GLE-Precision to the customers specifications.  

Waterjet Plungers and Components and who we Work with

Due to our reputation, we are the supplier many companies (such as NLB, Omax, and Flow International) trust as they pursue the next technologies and research and development projects.  This demand has led to waterjet being the largest of all GLE business segments.  We have dedicated a portion of our manufacturing facility to the waterjet industry and promise to serve you with the best delivery possible for your parts.  One material is in-house we can work to expedite your parts if capacity allows.  Don’t forget to ask about our expedite services if delivery has been a pain point for you in the past.

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GLE produces several components of waterjet machines.  A few of these components including plungers, bushings, nozzles and poppets. Materials used in manufacturing of these items includes cermics, nickel carbides and steels.  Different materials are used for each varying application.  We would be happy to assist you in choosing the correct material for your project! 

Due to the accuracy required by waterjet machines, the waterjet plungers and components must be made with high precision.

These components include the nozzles, the poppets that create the flow, and plungers that are used for pressurizing the system. The surface finish is also critical in these components. A high surface finish will increase the wear life of parts, allowing for lower replacement costs and better performance. GLE-Precision is the chosen trusted supplier of multiple waterjet manufacturers for these types parts and other components not mentioned. Our decades of experience in tight tolerances and high surface finishes have helped us build relationships and remain on the cutting edge of waterjet technology.  

GLE Waterjet Plungers

Waterjet Components: Surface Finish Requirements

We can achieve a .4RA (.01016 micron) or better surface finish on products such as ceramic plungers and carbide bushings. Does your application involve abrasive materials? The surface finish can improve the wear life and performance of your product.  GLE-Precision has decades of experience in lapping and we offer precision lapping services.  We have pride in producing waterjet plungers and components with a flawless finish, free of any imperfections.  Our proprietary precision lapping services have allowed GLE-Precision to stay on the forefront of  waterjet technologies.  

We are precision machining,

tight tolerance components and precision small parts to customer print, and small hole manufacturing.

We manufacture precision products,

special tungsten carbide components and wear parts to customer print, and carbide gages and masters.


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