Precision Pins: Gyroscoping/Directional Pins

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Precision Pins: Balancing the Future

Directional precision pins (with tolerances down to .000003” [.000076mm] on OD’s/ID’s and .000010” [.000254mm] flatness) are manufactured by our experienced precision machinists with specialized and custom equipment. In most cases, precision grinding and lapping is required to maintain the finishes and tolerances required by our customers.  Many of the precision pins manufactured by the machinists at GLE-Precision require special tooling or fixturing to hold, grind or inspect the part.  Some of the surface finishes we are required to hold today could basically be scratched by grains of dust.  The highest level of care must go into manufacturing every step of the way. 

Gyroscopes and Precision Pins

Gyroscopes are commonly used in aircraft instrumentation such as altimeters, compasses, and turn coordinators. These instruments contain a wheel or rotor which is rotating at a high RPM (revolutions per minute) which gives the system properties of rigidity and precession.  The gyro (rotor) can be pressure or vacuum driven.  A special pump on the engine drives the gyro (rotor).  Many flight instruments today have a mechanical gyroscope encompassed within the system.  The precision pins that GLE-Precision produces are used in directional/gyroscoping applications, providing directional support as a components in a much larger system.  The U.S. Military trusts the lives of the pilots and many others to the ultra-precise central guidance precision pins produced by GLE-Precision.

Precision Aerospace Components: Directional and Gyroscoping Precision Pins

Precision Pins in Missiles and Defense

Gyroscopic precision pins are used in a broad range of defense applications today. You will find guidance pins in modern ICBM/nuclear missiles along with Abram tanks.   Precision pins are found in actuation systems and power controls.  These devices have proven to be very effective in these systems which can require an in-flight change in direction with precise location and target readings.   Our customer’s solutions deliver increased passenger safety and improve maintainability and sustainability for it’s users.  As more tanks, planes, missiles, and personnel are outfitted with advanced targeting systems, the need for gyroscopic navigation systems to partner with targeting systems will rise.

Precision Pins in Actuation Systems

Protecting our military is more important than ever and GLE-Precision is proud to play a part in this effort.  Military actuation systems are used in military platforms ranging from flight controls to missile launches.   Precision pins comprise the componentry in actuation systems used in these applications.  The amount of precision and quality management that goes into machining these precision pins is endless.  We provide our customers with parts that are “beyond belief” and in most cases, they need to see it before they can believe it.

Precision Pins Gyroscope

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