GLE-Precision purchase Keyence
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GLE Purchases Keyence Measuring Systems


In early 2017, GLE-Precision was looking to gain a faster and more accurate way to inspect parts than its current methods.  Many different manufacturers were resourced to find an instrument that could be quick, accurate, portable, and user friendly.  Two systems were purchased from Keyence.  The first piece of inspection equipment was Keyence’s IMT-6225 instant measurement system.  The second measuring system, the VHX-5000 digital microscope, will be discussed in a second blog post.


The first system GLE acquired is the IMT-6225, a 2D vision measurement system. The IM has a measuring capability of +/-.0002 in wide field mode and 80 millionths in high precision mode. Repeatability to 1um in wide field and .5 um in high precision modes. Wide field mode allows us to measure anything in a 4” x 8” area whereas the high precision mode allows us to measure in a 1” x 4” field. The IM can measure up to 99 dimensions within 3 seconds and with the multi-part function it allows us to measure entire batches in a few minutes versus a few hours.


The data capturing of the IMT system takes inspection records to the next level. Each time a part is measured, those measurements are stored in a data file. This data file can be pulled up at any time to create statistical print outs of each batch of parts being run on that certain day, week, or month. Data captured by the IM system allows us to complete a customer’s 100% inspection requirements in half the time than previous methods, if not less. This allows for more production time vs inspection time to deliver our goods on time and exceed our customers’ expectations.


As GLE continues the journey on providing the highest precision on the smallest parts, the IMT-6225 measurement system and VHX-5000 digital microscope from Keyence provide fast, accurate, and non-contact measurement capabilities for our customers.