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GLE Purchases Second Keyence Measuring System

GLE Purchases Keyence Measuring Systems

As mentioned in a previous blog post, GLE-Precision purchased two pieces of Keyence inspection equipment in early 2017.  The first measuring equipment was the Keyence IMT-6225.  The second system purchased was the VHX-5000 digital microscope.

GLE is continuously driving higher precision on smaller parts. This is where the VHX system will help push us to the next level of inspecting parts that are small and difficult to measure by hand. The VHX comes with a wide range of different lenses depending upon application.  This microscope allows us to perform side by side image comparisons of surface finishes down to 1 micro or less.  The VHX also can fully focus a part with its real-time depth composition feature.  This feature also creates a 3D image of the part which then can be measured multiple ways and directions without having to make contact with the profile using a stylus.

With the high magnification, we can now inspect visually for porosity, cracks, fractures, and any other surface flaws within the material.  This is a feature that allows GLE to do R&D testing on new processes and materials along with providing images and feedback to our vendors and customers during the corrective action process.

As GLE continues the journey on providing the highest precision on the smallest parts, the IMT-6225 measurement system and VHX-5000 digital microscope from Keyence provide fast, accurate, and non-contact measurement capabilities for our customers.