Posted by: asmith

A Closer Look into Fiber Optics

Sometimes creative ideas and solutions take time.  In the summer of 2010, GLE Precision had a series of meetings with a customer’s key development Engineers working on technology that would be cutting edge for their industry and help drive their business into the future.  For this customer, there was a heightened state of awareness and sensitivity about the products that they were working on developing.  They were pushing the science behind the technology.

For GLE this is common to have the opportunity to work with Creative Leaders that drive their industry.  In this case the development went on for the next six years with GLE working closely with multiple individuals and team members on many R&D projects, rapidly pushing through 1 to 6 piece orders to the customer for review and evaluation.  As with any relationship it takes time but there becomes a trust in the quality of product that GLE Precision would deliver.  Then in early 2017 we learned that at least some of the products that we had worked with this customer to develop would be key for them and the future rollout of the 5G networks and technology.   This was once again an example where GLE has been on the cutting edge of critical developments and tools in industries and products across the Globe.

If you are a creative industry leader and have a vision as to where your product and technology can go and need help with components that require high finishes or tight exact tolerances, please reach out to GLE Precision and one of your Sales Engineers will be glad and excited to have the opportunity to work with you on your project.