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January 2018 Record Registrations!

GLE Reaches New Heights in Registrations

In early 2017 GLE’s sales team started working with a new customer in the Aerospace industry helping them solve a problem with a product that had extreme precision and finish requirements on all dimensions (.000006” and 1 RA).  The customer sent GLE a print showing basic tolerancing for the component.  The sales team reviewed the product and confirmed that we could produce it.  The customer said “great”, but as they did not have a relationship with GLE they were hesitant to issue a PO for the material.  Regardless, GLE produced a sample and sent it to them.

About 60 days after sending the sample item, our sales team received a call requesting a conference call with the customer’s team.  The conference call was one of those that you wished you had a tape recorder for.  The customer had about six individuals on the call from Engineering, Quality and Purchasing.  The customer could not believe what they were seeing!  They explained to us that they had never seen any vendor produce this part to the exacting specification without first having a setup standard.  We explained to the them that our processes and skills in Gage making and finishing require us to perform this type of work on a daily basis.

In January of 2018 we received registrations from this customer on three different products that the team at GLE had been able to help them with.  This new aerospace customer, accompanied with record registrations from our Waterjet customers, has led to a 1.6M month for GLE and a Great start to the new year.  We are looking forward to working with all of our customers in 2018 to help them solve problems and deliver products to their exacting standards.

If you are a creative industry leader and have a vision for your product and technology, please reach out to GLE Precision.  Our Sales Engineers will be excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your team on projects that matter to you.  GLE is a critical tooling partner that helps with components that require high finishes or tight exacting tolerances across industries such as Fiberoptic, Computer Technology, Medical, and Aerospace.