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Posted by: asmith

New Equipment Update: Citizen A320-Type VII

We are excited to share our latest update with you!

Today, we are introducing you to the Citizen A320-Type VII, GLE’s newest piece of production machinery. This Swiss lathe features a 5th-axis for applications under 20mm (.787 inches). A main advantage to this machine is the different configurations in which it can run: guide bushing, and non-guide bushing mode. A non-guide bushing machine setup works best with small OD and small length parts. The main spindle operates up to 10,000 rpm for optimized machining operations on smaller diameter material. A machining length up to 8 inches per chucking reduces cycle times on long work pieces.

With the addition of this Swiss lathe, GLE is able to maximize the highest precision for a lower cost. GLE has expanded upon decades of proven success to ensure that your parts are produced effectively and accurately. The utilization of the Citizen A320-Type VII will give GLE the ability to create most metal components under 20mm.

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