Precision Beyond Belief
Posted by: Ashley

Precision Beyond Belief: A Tagline Worth Remembering

We at GLE-Precision have been reassessing our marketing strategy and have recently created a tagline: “PRECISION BEYOND BELIEF”. This was an extensive process, because we are such a diversified company and our capabilities are hard to capture in just a few words. We take pride in exceeding customer expectations and constantly challenging ourselves – our “We Can Do It” attitude is fundamental to our reputation as the company that can do what others can’t. Our precision tolerances, micro surface finishes, and ability to work with miniscule parts sets us apart from the competition. These capabilities allow us to have customers on the cutting edge of the aerospace, fiber optics, medical, waterjet, and many other industries.

As a custom machine shop operating on the border of possibility, it was difficult to simplify all that we do to just a few words. We brainstormed many taglines involving high-precision machining, carbide and ceramic grinding, mirror finishes, quality, and cutting-edge solutions. We decided to base our tagline on what our focus is every day – our customer’s satisfaction. The result of these deliberations is our new tagline, Precision Beyond Belief. Every one of our employees has a story about how a customer contacted us to rave about our quality or how we have exceeded their expectations in precision.

We recently worked with a company that produces the world’s smallest FDA-approved medical implant to produce a part that they couldn’t find a manufacturer for. They sent us the print, and our team immediately got to work creating a way to manufacture parts for them. After changing some non-critical dimensions, we were able to not only produce the parts, but drop the price and provide expedited delivery. Another story that came from a recent sales call was a Senior Engineer proclaiming to a younger associate that not only was the level of GLE’s precision impossible, it could not be accurately measured. Our shop supervisor Dave Ecker shares some of his stories in the attached video as well. These are very common themes in the stories here at GLE-Precision.

During a recent visit to the New England states, one of our fiber optic customers had an insightful testimonial that helped us to realize what we accomplish is really beyond belief.  At our meeting, the customer (and end user of our component) claimed that in a meeting with his fellow engineers, he was told that the spec he had sent to GLE-Precision for manufacturing was impossible and no one would be able to make the part to the incredibly tight tolerances required on the print.  Not only did GLE-Precision make the part to the print, but upon receiving the component, the engineers were still in disbelief that a company was able to manufacture to the tolerances on the print.  We proved them wrong and now are in full production of the component.

Our gage room supervisor recently discovered a new technique to manufacture plug gages that are smaller than a human hair with a class XX tolerance (.00002 inches). This impressed us all, and we joked that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between our gage and a human hair if they were put on a scope, which is now included on some of our marketing materials. We also manufactured some of these gages to send out in a mailing and received many calls and quote requests because our customers were astonished that they could only see the gage because we painted one end yellow.

These experiences and stories reflect who we are as a company. When you work with the tolerances and dimensions that our employees do every day, it is easy to become numb to how impressive our products are. Reading customer testimonials where we shatter their expectations, hearing the incredulous tone of engineers on the phone, or seeing order quantities jump from a couple of pieces to thousands reminds us that our precision can be hard to comprehend. We shock ourselves with some parts that we produce and are always expanding our capabilities. We are proud of our new tagline and are excited to see GLE-Precision continue to produce beyond specifications, expectations, and even belief.