Transition Center
Posted by: Ashley

GLE Continues its Charitable Ways

The employees at GLE Precision are involved in so many things in our local communities. Whether they volunteer or their kids are in school activities such as music, drama programs, or sports they are invested and care about their community. As an organization, the team at GLE has a soft spot for the Millet Learning Center. It is an organization that we have connections to on a personal level and that everyone can get behind and support, both because of the difference they make in our community and the fun we have doing fundraisers for them. Over the past couple of weeks, we ran our semi-annual freezer fill fundraiser to raise money for the Millet Learning Center in Saginaw, Michigan. The big hit this year with our employees was the breakfast sandwiches, as they were gone within a week!

Providing Care for Students in Need

The Melvin G. Millet Learning Center is part of the Saginaw ISD and provides the same care and comprehension as a clinical care center to students with low incidence handicaps. This organization helps to teach students the skills necessary to make responsible decisions that allow them to lead independent and productive adult lives. The staff puts on programs such as wheelchair basketball games, creating crafts to sell at art fairs/markets, read-a-thons, and assemblies have all the fun of any other high school – egg relay races, marching bands playing, gymnastic performances, and more! We are so thankful every time we are invited to tour the facility and talk to the students for a few hours. The staff at the Millet Learning Center is incredible, and the students have a great time while learning crucial life skills. It is amazing how well the staff can keep students engaged while educating them.

Making a Difference

GLE employees are proud to have raised a total of $347.50 to donate to the Saginaw ISD Transition Center, with GLE matching the donation as part of our commitment to bettering our community. GLE has had the pleasure of donating money to this organization many times over the past several years because it is a favorite of our employees. The staff at the Millet Learning Center is grateful for our employees’ generosity, so much that they posted on their Facebook page about our visit and donation. It is incredibly rewarding to give to local organizations like this and be able to see the products directly. This year, our funds went to the students’ annual shopping trip for families in need during the holiday season. How great is it that the Millet Learning Center teachers and students care so deeply about their community and pass the gift along to needed families in the community?