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Posted by: Ashley

GLE is an Essential Supplier

GLE Precision will remain open

GLE is an essential supplier, and will remain open and at full capacity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Because we are open, we are taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees remains our priority. This includes following all executive orders mandated by the local, state, and federal governments.


We at GLE Precision pride ourselves in having a diverse customer base, serving companies in a wide range of industries. Some of these industries include those necessary to sustain life, such as the medical, battery, aerospace, military, and oil industries. We are proud to have been deemed an essential business by companies in every one of these segments because of the critical components we supply. GLE will continue to do everything we can to help our local and global community fight through the COVID-19 pandemic. One way we can do this is through our products: catheter dies, needle bore gages, battery manufacturing fixtures, critical gyroscope pins, ammunition dies, and production oil components. GLE will continue to help our customers with these products and many more.


We have essential experience

GLE Precision has over half a century of experience manufacturing gages. Through this experience, we have developed unique techniques to hold precision tolerances. These tolerances are far beyond CNC machine tolerances – few companies can produce the parts that we do. Products that we manufacture can be smaller than a human hair, have tolerances 100x smaller than a red blood cell, and have better-than-mirrorlike surface finishes. These features are critical in components going into precision medical equipment, cutting-edge battery manufacturing, plane navigation equipment, military ordinance targeting systems, ammunition productions, and production parts for the oil and gas industry. Because of these components, GLE is an essential supplier of many products that you touch every day. Many of our customers talk about our outstanding quality, or their difficulty in finding a supplier for their products.