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GLE Catheter Dies

GLE Precision is proud to be one of the most trusted suppliers of catheter tipping dies to multiple Fortune 100 medical companies. Customers choose GLE catheter dies because of their high quality, wear life, extreme tolerances, outstanding surface finish, and consistency. Companies rely on our products for every step of catheter manufacturing. Our tipping dies form the catheter bodies, swaging dies produce the catheter band assemblies, and plug gages inspect the catheter ID.

Tipping Dies

Many people only think of catheters as Foley catheters, which are urinary catheters. However, the most common type of catheter that companies produce with GLE catheter dies are Hickman catheters, which are intravenous. Tipping dies produce these catheters, along with the cannulas often used for injecting medicines. Catheters begin as raw material (most commonly PCV, rubber, or silicon) which a machine heats and injects into a die. These dies have an ID that tapers to a small hole that is the final size of the catheter. Catheter dies often wear out quickly due to the plastic that is constantly rubbing against their walls. We are able to add an extreme surface finish to our dies, which allows for less force to be used when drawing the material and increase the wear life of our dies drastically.

Swaging Dies

Another common product for the medical industry that we produce at GLE is swaging dies. Swaging dies come in two identical halves. A machine will press these two halves together, forming the part. This method allows for complex geometries to be formed, which is why swaging dies make catheter assemblies. The amount of force applied often requires these dies to be very hard steel or carbide. The catheter material is poured or set into the mold, then the die is compressed and the part is sized.

GLE Catheter Dies

GLE Catheter Dies

We are proud to be able to serve the medical industry through various products. Our customers trust our products to meet their exact specifications due to the strict quality policies we have on every product. The techniques that we have pioneered allow us to produce parts that will last longer and have better performance than our competition. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need a quote on a catheter die or any product in our range of capabilities!