Chip Products
Posted by: Ashley

The Semiconductor Industry Trusts GLE

The semiconductor industry is ever-changing, but companies within it trust GLE. GLE partnered with the biggest companies in the industry during the era of ferrite memory cores, and now supplies them with the chip bases for their newest products. Our lack of a minimum order quantity makes us the ideal supplier for engineers and purchasers. We strive to maintain the same quality in ten thousand parts as we do in one part. For some customers, we create multiple revisions of their part for testing then manufacture production runs. Having the same supplier provide both R&D parts and production runs is a great way to maximize product quality.

Semiconductors Today

Today, the semiconductor industry has shifted from ferrite memory cores to chips that are smaller than your fingernail. We produce chips for various companies, but what they have in common are high surface finishes and tight tolerances. Our temperature-and-humidity-controlled gage room allows us to finish and inspect with ultra-precise tolerances. We have the capabilities to produce thousands of chips every month with a surface finish of 1 Ra (µin) or better. There are also radii on some of these parts with a surface finish of better than 4 Ra (µin). The tolerances on these chips are in the millionths of an inch. These can be hard to imagine – the tolerances we hold can be 100x smaller than a human red blood cell! We often hear our customers say things like, “I’m not sure if this can be done” when sending a quote request. GLE is proud to operate on the edges of possibility.

Our employees are constantly developing new techniques to create features and tolerances that were previously impossible. Our sales engineers work closely with our shop to present solutions to the creative individuals we work for daily. Some of the largest companies in the semiconductor industry trust GLE; you can too!