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Posted by: Ashley

Working at GLE Precision

Working at GLE Precision is a unique experience for our team members. This is in part because are many different positions and functions that work together to help our company succeed. Sales engineers like Ashley and Nathan work with customers to produce quotes. Order entry and customer service agents like Cheryl ensure that any customer specifications are passed on to the floor, and the correct material is ordered. Cheryl will also speak with customers if they have any questions about their order, and work with shipping companies for smooth international shipments. Process Engineer Matt works with the shop to make sure that efficiency is at its peak.

The type of work that GLE preforms also makes working here different from almost every other company. We are extremely customer-focused and produce parts that a regular machine shop can’t. In fact, only a handful of workplaces in the country can work with the tolerances, sizes, and surface finishes that we do every day at GLE.

What Working at GLE Precision Means

At any workplace, there will be tough days and good days. At GLE, we try to cross-train our employees so they can wear multiple hats to help each other when needed. This increases efficiency and eases the burden on busy days. We also celebrate the victories! We have hosted cookouts, taken the team to Tigers’ and Red Wings’ games, and had many lunches/dinners catered to recognize when our team breaks records.

One of our priorities is to keep employee morale high by celebrating these achievements, improving the office environment, and offering excellent benefits. These efforts have proven to be effective – machinists average over 22 years of tenure at GLE. You can watch some of them talk about their experience in the video below.

Jobs at GLE

Are you interested in working for GLE? We are hiring! View our open opportunities and apply at www.gle-precision.com/careers. We look forward to hearing from you!