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Custom Gages

Custom Gage Manufacturing

Every machining facility in the world needs gages to ensure their products met specifications. However, not every gage is as simple as a straight plug or ring gage. Many times there must be a custom gage designed and created to measure parts. These special gages often require the same tight tolerances as standard gages, but with unique geometries to fit the part design.

Normal plug and ring gages have standards that they must adhere to. These standards specify the tolerances, outer and inner diameters, and overall length. Although standards are helpful, sometimes part design or fixtures necessitate a change in gage features. This can be as simple as adding length to the gage and as complicated as spending weeks designing a gage.

Standard plug and trilock gages.

Applications of Custom Gages

Why should an engineer consider a custom gage instead of using multiple gages? If multiple dimensions are being checked, a special gage can eliminate an extra step. Gages can be designed to check multiple features in one step. For example, if a hole size and depth need to be checked, a plug gage set with depth notches will verify the size in two easy steps. If a plug gage set and depth gage set was used, the inspector would have to insert four gages instead of two. Although a standard gage is cheaper, buying a gage for each dimension is often more expensive than a custom gage.

GLE Custom Gages

GLE Precision has decades of experience working with industry leaders to manufacture custom tooling and gaging. Because of this experience, we can offer design recommendations to improve function and ease of manufacturing to lower the cost. We can manufacture common special gages, such as extra-long plug gages, extra-long ring gages, and plug gages with a depth notch. GLE can also work with engineers to create completely custom gages or custom tooling.

Custom Ring Gage
A custom ring gage with very thin walls used to measure the diameter in a customer’s fixture.

GLE Gage Capabilities

GLE Precision can produce plug gages as small as .002″ OD and ring gages as small as .006″ ID. We can hold XXX tolerances on standard gages and apply our techniques to special gages as well. We have produced parts with tolerances as low as .000003″ and surface finishes as polished as 0.4 Ra µin! These ultra-precise tolerances allow customers in any industry, from inspection equipment to aerospace and defense, to push their limits. We work with engineers to make their imagination the limit instead of manufacturing capabilities.

Many gages are made of carbide for its hardness and wear characteristics. Because of their hardness, submicron carbide grades can hold precise tolerances and surface finishes very well. It is the most common material that we work with, although our equipment can also handle ceramic, hardened and stainless steel, titanium, and many other materials. Our ability to work with various materials and hold these tolerances make us the perfect supplier for engineers and purchasing executives in any industry. If you have custom gaging needs, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a quote!