GLE- Precision and Hyperion at Eastec Show
Posted by: Vanessa Swain

Precision Manufacturing at EASTEC 2021

Representing Precision Manufacturing at EASTEC

GLE Precision | A Hyperion Materials & Technologies Company, is an exhibitor at EASTEC 2021. GLE is located in booth 1608, in the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Representatives in the booth are sharing GLE’s precision machining capabilities and explaining how GLE maintains such a diverse customer base. Due to global materials science company Hyperion Materials & Technologies, acquiring GLE Precision, some extra guests from Hyperion are in booth 1608 this year! To celebrate GLE’s addition to the Hyperion family, and to thank GLE’s incredible customers, awesome prizes will be given away throughout the week of the EASTEC trade show.

Precision Manufacturing at GLE

Holding tight tolerances and small part lapping is critical at GLE-Precision. For example, some customers say the tolerances held are “Precise Beyond Belief”. Many companies think 0.0001″ is a tight tolerance. Likewise, at GLE-Precision, it is agreed 0.0001″ might be hard to told, but for GLE, that is just the beginning. For instance, as standard procedure GLE is able to lap holes as small as 0.004″ to a tolerance of 0.000050″ in roundness and size.  Subsequently, the ID is concentric to an OD to 0.000050″, with finishes to .4RA or less. Depending on the application, surface finish can be improved greater than .4RA if needed.

Innovation Meeting Tradition

Advanced manufacturing technology intersects with longstanding tradition at EASTEC, which celebrates the historical importance of Northeast manufacturing. Additionally, the trade show features exhibitors from leading-edge industries. Some industries represented at the show include aerospace, medical devices, automotive, industrial equipment and defense. Throughout the past 35 years EASTEC has been providing solutions to manufacturing challenges. Similarly, innovation meeting tradition is proven historically at GLE. Primarily providing premium solutions to precision manufacturing challenges. GLE has worked with Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Battery, Fiber Optic, Waterjet, Semiconductor, Gaging, and Oil industries for the past 60 years!

If you want to read more about the history of GLE select the link below:

60th Anniversary

Finding Suppliers and Solutions

Providing top tier customer service by leading with transparency is just one of GLE’s core company values. Above all, as a premium solutions provider, GLE is able to assist with all precision manufacturing needs. Naturally, EASTEC is an ideal location to see the latest technology on display, in action, and to meet with customers in need of a premium solution.


Expanding Knowledge & Inspiring

With 700+ exhibitors attending, EASTEC 2021 offers the opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge and get inspired. GLE is a manufacturer of precision tooling, dies, components and other special wear parts to customer print. Additionally, GLE holds extremely tight tolerances on products. Primarily, GLE manufactures precision parts with hard material such tungsten carbide, ceramic and hardened steel. Furthermore, GLE is equipped with advanced machinery, processing techniques and experienced machinists. All of which are used to produce miniature parts with OD’s or ID’s as small as 0.002″. Typically, GLE manufactures parts with a 6.000″ outer diameter or less. Whether the part requires tight tolerances, or a high surface finish and lapping, GLE is the company that can do it all.