Posted by: Vanessa Swain

October Happenings at GLE

GLE Celebrates record-breaking success

Here at GLE we are constantly looking for ways to express our gratitude for our customers, amazing employees, and material vendors. We believe it is important to celebrate big and small wins. Over the course of the last month GLE has celebrated the highest month in sales of all time, given away an iPad, attended the EASTEC trade show, attended a career fair, and celebrated the best month over month sales. Photos from all of these events can be seen below, or found on our GLE facebook page linked below:

GLE Precision | Facebook


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

We have a fun way of celebrating our best month over month sales (this celebration was for August 2021). It’s a fun little thing we like to call “Winner winner chicken dinner”. In fact, to thank our all of our hardworking employees, we bring in lunch during 1st and 2nd shift; typically, from Famous Dave’s as it’s a fan favorite. Since technically its not chicken dinner, more accurately its should be called “winner winner barbecue chicken lunch” but that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Bowling Night

Subsequently, to celebrate the highest monthly sales in the 60-year history of GLE, we had a company bowling night (record sales in August 2021). What is more, the evening included dinner & drinks, bowling, and cornhole at Candlelite Bowl. Additionally, all employees were encouraged to bring their family for a fun night of bowling, socializing, and celebrating. Overall, it was a great evening with fun had by all. We can’t wait to accomplish and celebrate our next record-breaking month!


SVSU Career Fair

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, a student from Saginaw Valley State University was hired as a Co-Op for our Business Development Team. We quickly realized how valuable it is to have an individual strictly prospecting new customers. Our previous Co-Op recently graduated, so we are looking for a replacement. The selected student will have some big shoes to fill. Our previous Co-Op did an amazing job! Additionally, GLE is also looking for 2nd shift Precision Machinists.

SVSU held a career fair on October 22nd that was open to all students, as well as the public. We met with some great candidates and had some exciting discussions. We can’t wait to speak with them further about their opportunities here at GLE. Additionally, we would like to thank SVSU for putting on a successful career fair. The students we spoke with were well prepared, and easy to talk to. Furthermore, we felt overall that we had quality conversations. Think you or someone you know might be interested in one of the positions mentioned? The link to our career opportunities page on our website is below:

Careers at GLE-Precision-Careers – GLE Precision, Bridgeport, MI