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2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Results are in…drum roll please!

GLE’s 2021 customer survey results are in! Our valued customers have spoken loud and clear and we are listening. We received 40 customer satisfaction survey responses in total. Each of which addressed our annual performance in 8 various categories. We wanted honest and accurate ratings so we created 5 rating options. These options were “very good”, “good”, “moderate”, “poor”, and “very poor”. We felt these options would increase GLE’s overall visibility. By increasing visibility, our team can assess what is going well, and explore opportunities to improve where we are potentially lacking.

…and the highest rated category goes to

Our highest ratings received in the customer satisfaction survey, were in our “Quality” category. Accordingly, 93% of our customer responses rated the quality of our parts as our highest ratings. We considered these to be “very good”, and “good”. As a result, the team was thrilled to see such high ratings in this category. Since we pride ourselves on the quality of our precision parts, the results verified that we are providing our customers with exceptional product.

…and the lowest rated category goes to

Additionally, (as we had anticipated) our lowest rated category in our customer survey was in “Delivery Performance”. We received 2 ratings of “very poor”, and 1 rating of “poor”. These made up 7.5% of our total results in the delivery performance category. Consequently, we can attribute many of our delivery challenges over the past year to disruptions in the supply chain. Whether it be raw material shortages, issues purchasing grinding tools, shipping delays, and vendor response time. Despite our best efforts, we saw a ripple effect from COVID-19 shutdowns across the board. These ratings were (unfortunately) not a shock for us, but we are constantly striving to improve.

Wrapping up 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey

This year’s customer survey results shine light on our motto “Precision Beyond Belief”. Continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, experienced precision machinists, quality customer service, and employee morale are highly valued at GLE. Additionally, they are all vital to the overall success of GLE. We also highly value transparency, hence why we feel its so important to share our customer survey results. It not only highlights where we are succeeding, but also opportunities for improvement. Most importantly, we would like to note how much we appreciate each of our customers. Likewise, we want to thank all that responded in this year’s survey.

2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey Testimonials

“GLE is a partner, not just a supplier. That is what we need.”

“GLE has done quality work, we appreciate that.”

“Ashley is wonderful to work with, always responsive and polite!”

“Overall great company to work with.”

“Clint and his team are great. The delivery updates are very helpful and you are the only company that does it.”

“Great products, just need to work on hitting deadlines.”

Lastly, additional testimonials from this years survey, and previous years can be viewed at the bottom of our homepage (link below).

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