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Dan Bhirdo’s Retirement

Congratulations on Retiring Dan!

Dan Bhirdo T-30 minutes until he rides off into the sunset (aka retirement)

GLE Celebrates Dan Bhirdo’s Retirement

Today as we say goodbye to Dan Bhirdo he says “hello” to his new life of sleeping in and golfing whenever he wants aka retirement. Dan said retiring means he gets to shut off his alarm clock! Additionally, Dan jokingly said that he will send us a photo of the time he wakes up now that he can sleep in.

Celebratory retirement cake for Dan Bhirdo

Retiring after 44 years!

Dan started working at GLE in 1978; 44 years ago. As a staple in our Centerless Grinding Department, Dan is GLE’s resident jokester and brings his expertise and a positive attitude to work everyday. Dan plans on spending his retirement enjoying the great outdoors, whether it be golfing, fishing, or just working outside.

Pictured from left to right: Clint Bucholz (GM), Dan Bhirdo (Retiree), Steve Tagget (Shop supervisor)

Retirement Par-tay

Dan is an integral member of our team, and we are certainly saddened to lose him. What an honor is has been to have Dan as a member of the GLE crew for the past 44 years. Today we celebrated Dan retiring with a large cake and Dan was given the GLE honorary retirement ring. We make these rings for all retirees and it is inscribed with the year the retiree started working here through their retirement year. We can’t wait to hear about how retirement treats Dan, as he has put in many years of hard work here.

GLE General Manager Clint handing off Dan’s retirement ring

Big shoes to fill

With Dan retiring, this means we have an opportunity for anyone interested in precision machining. Even more so if any experience with centerless grinding. Dan has left us with some big shoes to fill! If interested click on the link below and apply for our precision machinist position:

Careers at GLE-Precision-Careers – GLE Precision, Bridgeport, MI


Dan Bhirdo standing with retirement cake smiling