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2021 Bridgeport Business of the Year Nominee

Nominees for Bridgeport Business of the Year

2021 Bridgeport Business of the Year Nominee

2021 was a big year for us here at GLE-Precision. We were acquired by Hyperion Materials & Technologies, we had a record-breaking year for sales, and the cherry on top; we were a nominee for “Bridgeport Business of the Year” at the 2021 Best of Awards. Which, the Birch Run Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce hosts. Not only were we a nominee, but we made it through several rounds of elimination. Additionally, we were honored as a top 3 contender for business of the year. We wanted to send a huge “thank you” to anyone who nominated us! We strive to invest in our community, and we feel that this was a testament to that.

GLE-Precision Table at “Best Of Awards 2021”

Fun Filled Evening

The Birch Run and Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce held their first in-person awards ceremony since before COVID-19 on April 27, 2022. It was a great night for all attendees. The award ceremony included catered dinner, fun door prizes, awesome raffle prizes (including a 7-day trip to Marco Island), 87 silent auction items from local companies, and of course trophies for the winners. Likewise, the dinner and atmosphere were just amazing, and everyone had a great time. Representing GLE-Precision at the event was General Manager Clint Bucholz, Controller Jim Briggs, Sales Engineer Vanessa Swain, and of course significant others and family members joined as well.

From left to right: Clint Bucholz (General Manager), Vanessa Swain (Sales Engineer), Jim Briggs (Controller)


The Chamber of Commerce recognized professionals in every role within their community. Various awards are given for educator of the year, student of the year, firefighter of the year, police officer of the year, employee of the year, volunteer of the year, citizen of the year, Business of the year, and Best of the Best community choice awards.

General Manager Clint showing off his “Best of Awards 2021” cupcake

The People Have Spoken

“There are many reasons that GLE-Precision deserves to earn the title of Business of the Year.  GLE is an awesome company who has a “we can do it” attitude.  They empower their employees and turn customer problems into solutions.  They are focused on working with creative industry leaders to deliver solutions. GLE-Precision is always doing what they can to help.  They donate to charities and do what they can to improve the lives of those around them.  We are lucky to have a business in our community that is always putting others before themselves, and we are lucky to have found that in GLE-Precision.” These are some of the kind remarks made about GLE-Precision as they reviewed all of the nominees for Bridgeport Business of the Year. In fact, read about our community involvement here: Sustainability – GLE-Precision Sustainable Manufacturing Future

Bridgeport Business of the Year Nominee
Bridgeport Business of the Year Nominee

And the Bridgeport Business of the Year winner is…

The winner of Bridgeport business of the year was Renue Physical Therapy for treating all their customers like family. Primarily, Renue Physical Therapy help customers recovering from injuries and educate on how to take better care of our bodies. We congratulate them and think it is such an honor to have been in the top 3 as a nominee with them!

Cupcakes made from local bakery; Butter Crust Bakery

Two Communities, One Chamber

The Birch Run Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce has various resources for the Birch Run, and Bridgeport community. Primarily, they help by supporting local businesses in any way they can. The Chamber offers a handful of great events for our community, and they partner community hosted events as well.  Also, the chamber sends out weekly emails with member news and updates to a vast number of people. Additionally, they have a membership directory on their website, which has all the members business information along with the company logo. Finally, they host member luncheons, as they are great networking opportunities. Many local business leaders and owners come to the luncheons to share what they have going on or a little bit about their business. Businesses also can host a luncheon as an opportunity to educate others on what exactly you do and what they stand for.

Chamber of Commerce Director of Marketing & Events – Pam Moore

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