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Retirement celebrations

Good luck to the Gary’s!


It’s been a busy time at GLE, though we wanted to make sure we recognized the commitment and work ethic of two of our most colorful characters who are now enjoying their retirement. Over the span of one week, GLE sent-off both of our Gary’s. Gary Behmlander and Gary Glaser are both ready to bask in the freedom of retirement!








Congratulations to Gary Behmlander on retirement

Gary Behmlander has worked at GLE for 25+ years. A notorious prankster in the front office at GLE, Gary entertained every member of the GLE family with his unique words of wisdom and his witty comments. Gary brought his AutoCAD skills to the production of precision components to GLE. Gary showed his appreciation to the GLE team by leaving a gift on the desks of all front-office employees: Smarties Candy accompanied by a note reading, “hope this helps”. He now enjoys waking up to a “honey-do” list from his wife and former GLE employee, Betty Behmlander. We would like to formally congratulate Gary on his retirement. We hope that he can finish that “honey-do” list quickly so he can spend his retirement at one of his favorite places – his cottage up north.

Congratulations to Gary Glaser on retirement

Gary Glaser started as a precision machinist 35+ years ago at GLE. Gary supported the production of key precision components with his proficiency operating precision lapping machines. Additionally, he performed several key operations in one of our departments that is a staple in the facility. Gary told us on his last day that the biggest change he would experience after retiring (other than not working anymore) was changing the day him and his wife go grocery shopping. We would like to formally thank and congratulate Gary Glaser on his retirement. We hope he can enjoy his retirement spending time with friends, family, and gardening with his wife. Gary brought a homemade zucchini cake to our potluck last year. It was made with fresh ingredients from his garden and it was a huge hit!


Big shoes to fill

As always, we wish both Gary’s happy and peaceful retirements and thank them for their time here! The office and shop haven’t been the same since they left. Whoever takes over either of their roles has big shoes to fill. On that note: if you are looking for work, please select the link below for more details on our current job openings:

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