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About GLE-Precision

In the early years of the company, GLE-Precision was known for manufacturing gages (plug and ring gages) because of the precision tolerances our machinists could achieve.  During this time, there was not high-tech equipment available to manufacture and inspect these gages.  All manufacturing and inspection at GLE-Precision was accomplished with a steady hand and a sharp eye in a temperature controlled gage laboratory.  After merging with a micro-precision manufacturer in Ferndale, MI, GLE-Precision was formed in the countryside of Bridgeport, MI in 1961.

GLE-Precision, Beyond Belief

Even in GLE-Precision’s early years, our new and returning customers were serviced with the tightest tolerance wear components and gages.  Through many years of acquisitions and name changes, GLE-Precision remains a stand-alone company of nearly 50 highly-skilled employees.  Our Technical Experts and Engineers always look forward to the next big project.  Whether you are finishing your R&D design or you are ready for full-on production, we are ready to assist you to your final product.  We provide value added product solutions for global creative thinkers and we do it with pride and dedication.  On many occasions we hear the tight tolerances we hold are “beyond belief” because our customers sometimes think we specialize in the absurd.

  • Small parts (ID/OD/OAL: .002” [ .0508mm] or less)
  • Lapping (.4 RA or less [.01016 micron])                                                                  Precision tolerances (.000003” or less [.000076mm])

Please check out our company video to see for yourself.  We do specialize in the absurd and we do want to work with you.  Reach out to us using the Contact Us page.  We are Precision Beyond Belief.

Quality at GLE-Precision

In 2004, GLE-Precision obtained ISO 9001-2000 Quality accreditation.  The accreditation came about after years of growing an aerospace segment.  The increased inquiries for parts with the tightest tolerance wear components, high surface finishes and gages resulted in GLE-Precision registering for AS9100 certification.  In February 2018, GLE-Precision proudly  announced accreditation to ISO 9001-2015 standards and AS9100 Rev. D accreditation.  This accreditation has allowed GLE-Precision  the opportunity to work with many global aerospace companies creating lasting relationships.

Our Values & Vision

High Quality , Responsiveness , Customer Service , Value Add , Positive Customer Experience.  Through growth, innovation and operational focus, we will continue to develop diverse solutions for customers both domestically and globally.

GLE-Precision's Customer Survey Results

Positive Customer Experience
Product Quality

GLE-Precision has a We Can Do It attitude. By empowering our employees, we turn our customer’s problems into solutions and opportunities for us. We focus on working with creative industry leaders to solve and deliver timely solutions supporting their vision. A key component of our success is having knowledge and understanding of our customer value.


Partnerships are a foundation to success. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. The customer is the purpose of our work.


We make responsiveness a priority in our organization to help address our customers or visitors concern, whether it be related to pricing, delivery or manufacturing.


We will work with engineers to design for manufacturing the components you need. Please contact us to see how we can help deliver a creative solution to your problem.