Precision-Machined Survival Tool

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Michigan winters are hard–when we’re not grinding parts to sizes smaller than a human hair, we’re enjoying the summer sunshine. Watch the video, to see how we made the GLE Survival Tool!

Our stainless-steel survival tool (say that five times fast) can be used as a bottle-opener, saw, sundial, wrench, or knife and fits conveniently in your pocket! Our material expertise, precision machining, and EDM laser-cutting allow us to mass-produce this durable, high-quality product…just like the precision tooling and componentry that our machinists develop for companies worldwide. Take the tool along with you while you’re hunting, camping, hiking, or fishing or simply keep it in your wallet to handle the inconveniences of your day.

GLE’s design process

We started with the material. Our engineers knew the tool had to be durable, resistant to the elements, lightweight, and cheap to produce. We made a prototype with one grade of stainless steel, but found it wasn’t as strong as what we wanted—it wasn’t GLE quality. We made the tool slightly thicker and chose a higher-quality steel.

We’d seen similar tools before, and decided we wanted to make sure ours was as small as possible so that it could be carried in a wallet. We also included a keychain hole if you prefer to attach it to a backpack or other holder.

Next, we looked at what functions the tool needed to serve. Fishermen need an easy way to cut nylon fishing line, so we included the hook blade. When hunting, the mini-saw is useful for … and … When camping and hiking, the sundial, wrench, and can opener are great general survival tools. The bottle opener is of course the most important feature and can be utilized in whatever situation you see fit.

Finally, we needed to decide on how it would be.

We made these for fun. What we do for work is even cooler.

The survival tool is very practical, but we think the cool part is how we made it.