Rek broadheads
Posted by: Ashley

REK Broadheads

A Cut Above

We love working with companies who share our passion for striving to be the best in their industry. Recently, a father-son duo approached us about creating products for their startup outdoors company.  The company, REK Broadheads, is based around expandable broadheads for use in both crossbows and compound bows. The creators of REK reached out to us about creating a few different parts as a proof-of-concept.  The parts have since gone into production using GLE as a key supplier. They have proven their patent-pending design by taking it on multiple hunts around the country which were wildly successful! Their American-made products assembled in Michigan are of the highest quality, designed for use from the balmy early season in Iowa to the frigid late season in North Dakota.

REK Broadheads Partners with GLE

Once going to production, REK Broadheads became incredibly popular. The demand for their broadheads skyrocketed, and the supply had to keep up. Therefore, REK asked GLE to perform a production run of the blades, producing over 2500 blades within a month and 2500 of another critical component of their patented Spring Lock Retention System™ during the next month. The designer of REK Broadheads said, “The blades made from GLE are highly successful, perhaps the best on the market. The entire broadhead works flawlessly, hats off to GLE Precision.”

We are proud of our products and excited to see the promising future of REK Broadheads!