Posted by: Ashley

Retirement Party!

On Wednesday, we celebrated the retirement of one of our machinists, Randy Westenburg with a socially distant retirement party. Randy has been a staple in our ID department for over 3 decades, and we owe a debt of gratitude to him for all of the work he has produced and the training he has facilitated. On his last day, we decided to send him off with some extra decorations for his drive home.

Randy's decorated truck

In addition to fun surprises at their retirement party, machinists who retire from GLE receive an engraved ring. We polish and engrave the rings here as a reminder they can carry with them. This can ruin the surprise though, so we have to be careful to hide them!

A GLE Retirement Ring"GLE 2020" engraved on the ring

We often say that our employees are our most valuable asset. With an average of over 21 years working for GLE (well above the national average), our machinists and supervisors have a wealth of experience which helps create solutions that few, if any, companies can reproduce. This would not be possible without people like Randy who choose to become an expert over the years. You can meet more of our experts by reading our blogs here!  We will continue to write blogs about our experienced employees, showcasing their talents.

We are almost always hiring precision machinists if you are interested in becoming the next Randy. Machinists at GLE learn the techniques that we have pioneered, are consistently challenged through working on different custom parts, help supply components to companies that drive the future of their industry forward, have the opportunity to train on and operate new equipment, and enjoy top-of-the-line benefits. GLE is open during the COVID-19 pandemic as an essential supplier to the medical, battery, aerospace, ammunition/defense, and oil/gas industries. Visit our website to learn more about the current positions we have open and apply.