Precision Medical Devices
Posted by: Ashley

Surgical Precision in Medical Device Manufacturing

Precision Medical Manufacturing

In the medical industry, tolerances in manufacturing are critical. There is no room for error when creating products that deal with people’s well-being. From catheters to implantable devices, precision is required in medical manufacturing. Manufacturers must control every step of the process, from design through quality inspections and testing. Suppliers like GLE-Precision allow medical device manufacturers to focus on innovation rather than quality control.

Precision Medical Devices

Researchers and engineers have been advancing medical technology at an unprecedented rate. They invent new devices every year that push the boundaries of possibility. These devices include improvements on current products, such as catheters and stents, as well as revolutionary new technologies. Although some technologies are developed through new concepts, new capabilities allow other technologies to grow.

GLE has pioneered technology relating to small holes.  At GLE, the precision machinists form holes in parts as small as .002″ in diameter.  Our skilled machinists also hold submicron tolerances on holes as small as .004″. These capabilities allow us to work with engineers working on the latest developments in medical technology. 

Surgical Components with Precision Tolerances

GLE-Precision has probably in one form or another manufactured a product which aided in the surgical procedure.  Whether a patient is undergoing a minimal invasive surgery, a heart procedure or cataract surgery.  In many cases, specific materials, documentation and package instructions are a requirement when we work on the precision medical devices for our customers.  First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) are standard procedure for many and we have an experienced team to provide reports at a high level of detail.  

Extreme surface finishes (1 micro or better) and tight tolerances are standard when working with our medical customers.  Machinists hold mirror surface finishes in ID’s and OD’s and tolerances on any and all dimensions, whether holes, flatness or lengths.  In many cases, we must follow specific packaging requirements.  We handle parts with caution to avoid any imperfections or flaws.  

At GLE-Precision, we are fortunate to be at the forefront of the research and design with many of our customers across the globe.