GLE-Precision Celebrates 60 Years
Posted by: Ashley

GLE-Precision, Celebrating 60 Years Beyond Belief

GLE is Celebrating 60 Years

In 2021, GLE-Precision celebrates achieving the milestone of 60 years in business.  Throughout the years, the company name and ownership may have changed, but the vision and mission of what we do has not.  High Quality, Responsiveness, Customer Service, Value Add, and Positive Customer Experience is what we live by.  Through growth, innovation and operational focus, we will continue to develop diverse solutions for our present and future customers, domestically and globally. 

About GLE-Precision

In 1961, GLE was incorporated as a manufacturer of gages (plug and ring).  Consequently, during this time there was not high-tech equipment available to manufacture or inspect these gages.  All manufacturing and inspection were accomplished with a steady hand and a sharp eye in a temperature-controlled gage lab.

GLE-Precision is a cutting-edge global precision machining leader.  Our precision machinists grind tungsten carbide, ceramic and other hard exotic materials to customer specifications.  We produce make-to-print parts manufactured to customer specifications. GLE-Precision specialized in extreme tolerances, small parts and high surface finishes, that cannot be accomplished by many others.  

The Present GLE-Precision

Fast forward to 60 years and you will find GLE-Precision as a stand-alone company of nearly 60 highly-skilled employees.  Our Technical Experts and Engineers look forward to the next big project.  We provide value added product solutions for global creative thinkers and we do it with pride and dedication. 

In 2004, GLE obtained ISO 9001-2000 Quality accreditation.   With increased inquiries for aerospace and defense components, GLE obtained AS9100 Rev D certification in 2018.  The accreditation has allowed GLE-Precision the opportunity to work with many well-known global aerospace companies creating lasting relationships.

Today, we advance technologically by finding the latest and greatest equipment.  This equipment service our customers beyond their limits.  The GLE-Precision team eagerly awaits the next 60 years! 

The 60th Celebration Continues

The GLE-Precision team looks forward to celebrating 60 years in business this summer with a family-oriented picnic with activities for children, plant tours and food! 

To thank our incredible customers, we are going to be giving away some awesome prizes at this year’s EASTEC show.  To register, please click here to enter your name, phone, email address and company name.  Keep watching our social media pages for future updates on the show!